Ever go to the store and wonder why the price is so high when you can actually make this stuff for pennies on the dollar? I mean, sometime I find it outrageous that something so simple could cost up to hundreds of dollars. I appreciate the hard work that goes into some of the work and I understand they price it high to keep food on their table but, shoot… I need to keep food on mine too! So, if I can make it myself, I’ll try. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes to save money. Take, Jenn,¬† for example. She found this really cool skull candle at the store but, decided to save her money and try it out for herself. The end result was amazing. With Halloween coming up and all, I figured I’d give it a shot.

(If you’d like to check out Jenn’s awesome candle go to this site.)

I started off by using (3) medium sized skulls that I found at Walmart. First, I glued a skull onto a mini¬†terra cotta saucer (upside down) to stabilize the foundation. Then I stacked the skulls gluing one on top of the other. To complete it, I glued another terra cotta saucer (right side up) for the candle. *Here’s a tip: don’t use super glue… that doesn’t work what-so-ever. *Another tip: when using a hot glue gun on plastic (skulls) it creates an extremely foul odor (similar to chemicals.) I took a whiff of it and almost gagged. So, you can say I learned something new today. diy skull candle

Next, I spray painted the entire thing black. Once it dried I used sandpaper to highlight the eyes, nose, and skull candle


And finally, time to display this beauty. diy skull candle

This was so fun and easy that I may end making candles for all of the holidays.

To see the video tutorial, click below.

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  • I love this!!! Very clever and I agree, I am willing to spend money on Etsy but only when I know that I can’t do it myself and if I feel it’s a reasonable price! I’ll definitely keep reading your blog for great ideas! Happy Halloween and keep up the amazing crafts!

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